Splice lamingtonNothing reminds me of long, balmy summer nights as a kid in Melbourne more than hearing the chimes of 'greensleeves' echo through the air as an icecream van does lazy laps of the block. Just in time for Australia Day weekend, here's a dessert inspired by that classic frozen favourite - the Splice. Featuring a pine-lime curd and vanilla meringue kisses wedged in between a white choc lime coated sponge, it's a 10 year old's heaven
Gin & tonic rosemary lemon meringue tartIt's summer, it's the new year and my first resolution is to look for ways to add some more gin love into the week. Topped with tangy tonic meringue and spicy gin infused lemon curd, this sweet rosemary tart is worth heating up the kitchen for.
Cheesymite babkaAnd so it is the weekend again. After a good sleep in (despite some early woofing protests from little Duck), by 8am it was time for breakfast. Quite often, Big Duck gets sent to our local bakery on a cheesymite scroll and scone errand. This weekend however, I decided to #getwifey (… it rarely happens) and make him one of my own. Adapting a traditionally sweet bread recipe from I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Thankfully the answer was DELICIOUS. Just in time for Australia Day, this vegemite and cheese babka is a cracker. Try it at home or impress the bloody shit out of your holiday BBQ guests.