A girl duck, a boy duck and a little hairy duck. That’s our small but feisty family! Based in Melbourne, Australia we’re homebodies who love where we live and finding ways to share our passions for tasty (and easy!) food, gardening, entertaining, travel, good gin and whisky with others.

We’ll never share a recipe we haven’t tried and loved, a tip we haven’t followed (and probably messed up to save you the pain) or say anything is amazing unless we really think you’ll think so too.

Welcome to Three Little Ducks. We’d love to hear from you!

Boy Duck & Girl Duck

One’s Australian, one’s Scottish. One loves gin, the other whisky. And while one’s mostly right (I think we can guess who), both would agree that there’s nothing better than a good roast dinner with Yorkshires, family walkie or cold beer after a day spent weeding. We’re Emily and Colin. Delighted to meet you!

Little Hairy Duck

Little Hairy Duck is Henry (aka Henry Bear). Since the moment we first laid eyes on him at eight week’s old, having a right good chew on his brother’s ear, he’s been a dog of his own mind and feisty ball of cheek. But we wouldn’t have it any other way! His favourite hobbies including saying hi to everyone he meets (literally everyone!), not bringing toys back and going crazy near the watering hose. On Sunday mornings, you’ll also find him spooning on the couch with his Dad, because #sook.

To see what trouble he’s causing today, you can also head over to his Insta henry_the_spoodle_


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